VYS House Goalkeeper Program

The best goalkeepers do more than just stop shots. With each shot, their brain is making countless calculations to to determine how the body will respond. Reptition is critical. Today's modern goalkeeper must address and react to the increased demands and responsibilities of the position which extend beyond just standing between the posts. At VYS, we're proud to offer our goalies with opportunities to improve their skills and gameday performance.

VYS is excited to offer novice and veteran goalies a specialized course focused on key techniques and strategies for Goalkeepers. Players will work on goal kicks, catching, footwork, angles, how to dive, be the best on crosses, leadership and mentally prepare for games and more. Each session will offer high levels of intensity to create game-like situations and repetition to perfect the player’s skills.

Questions? Please contact VYS Goalkeepers Program Director Austin Roser at austin.roser@vys.org.

Contact Us

P.O. Box 993, Vienna, VA 22183  |  Phone: 703-242-3828 | Questions@vys.org

Mission Statement

To build character, confidence, and a lifelong love of soccer by providing a continuum of competitive, high-quality and positive soccer experiences for all players in the Vienna community. #ALifetimeOfSoccer