The College Experience

Summer 2015

The College Experience hosted by VYS


Dates:  July 13 - 16, Monday thru Thursday
Session Times:  10 - 11:30 am AND 1 - 2:30 pm
Location:  Marshall HS, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church 22043
Check-in: begins at 9 am on Monday, July 13th at the stadium field.

  • EVERYONE is expected to use the community use gate at the far end by the buses - the entrance to the far right as you look at the stadium from the parking lot.
  • All players are to bring water and a properly inflated soccer ball.
  • If you need any taping done, you are required to bring your own materials.  The trainer is there to treat injuries but is available for taping if the player supplies the tape and pre-wrap.
  • You are expected to provide your own lunch.
  • Come well rested and ready to go from the start.  And, if you haven't already done so, be sure to contact any coach of a school you are interested in before the week ends so they know to look for you.
  • Know that every session is going to be challenging and educational.  The coaches want to see what you've got.  Focus on showing them your best.


ncaa trophyImagine being coached by a highly respected, highly successful college coach.  Would that be something of interest to you?  Multiply that by eight!!!  Yes, how about being coached by eight top notch college coaches over four days? 

Read full brochure (pdf)

You now have the opportunity to experience just that, in a small group setting, over four days – Monday, July 13 through Thursday, July 16th, on a local VYS field!

That’s right!  We are bringing eight highly respected, highly successful college coaches right here to Vienna.  No packing to do as everything takes place right here in Vienna!  No fighting traffic as there is no travel required!  And, no rooming expense as the coaches are coming to us.  

This is not a camp where you’re one of several hundred players and you’re just another face.  In our event, no one gets lost in the crowd as every coach gets to work with every player in a small group setting.  We encourage all high school age, female, players to apply.  Be one of the first sixty.

By design, this is a small, special, exclusive event – 70 high school players MAX, where you will be exposed to successful college coaching.  Every player will work with all eight of our elite college coaches over a four day period.  This is an opportunity to interact directly with a highly regarded, highly successful college coach – maybe, from a college on your wish list.  Who knows, maybe one of these colleges will jump onto your wish list.  Could making an impression now give you an edge later on?

Two different college coaches will work with each player each day.  Thirty players will work with one college coach in the morning session (10 – 11:30) and then switch to the second college coach for the afternoon session (1 – 2:30) and vice versa.  

The College Experience is meant to provide a quality introduction to what college coaches are looking for and what college soccer will demand from you.

At The College Experience event hosted by VYS, you will get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the following eight coaches (in alphabetical order):


  • Charles “Chugger” Adair, Virginia Tech
  • Becky Burleigh, University of Florida
  • John Daly, William & Mary
  • Sean Driscoll, Princeton University
  • Pat Farmer, Cornell University
  • Nancy Feldman, Boston University
  • Nick Flohre, Ohio State University
  • Leo Weil, Johns Hopkins University

If you consider yourself a big time player, you will recognize that we have three of the top conferences in the country represented – ACC, SEC and the Big Ten.  

And, if you’re an academic type, you definitely see the diversity and the quality represented in this group of highly respected universities.

So here’s your chance to let soccer open a door for you.  Train with and get face-to-face with a big time college coach.  Ask your questions and get your answer “straight from the horse’s mouth.”      

Enrollment is limited to the first 70, female, high school age players that apply so each college coach and each player will get the opportunity to really interact.

Think that will be challenging?  Exciting?   

You bet it will!!!  

And, The College Experience hosted by VYS brings that challenge and excitement right here to Vienna.

Over the next few pages, you will read about each college that’s represented at our special event and about each coach that’s coming to Vienna.  

One last thing.  Ten percent of the net proceeds are being donated to charity.  The charities that have been selected to receive equal shares from this ten percent pot are:  the American Red Cross; the Salvation Army; and the ASPCA.

Questions about the program? Please contact Assistant Tech Dir Hank Leung at

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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.