Coaching Philosophy and Style

The VYS Coaching Philosophy is centered on player development and can be characterized by 4 main components:

  • Training and competition are age and ability based. At younger ages, the focus is on ball mastery. At older ages, decision making and problem solving as a team become important.
  • Training is reality based. Does it look like soccer? Replicate problems players face in competition in a meaningful way during training.
  • Learning is experiential. Do we encourage learning by doing? Create an environment where failure is allowed and utilized as a learning tool.
  • Coaching is holistic. Are we incorporating all elements of the game in our teaching? Does our development path make sense?

VYS Coaching Style

  1. Prioritize the development of all players.
  2. Prioritize development over results.
  3. Create a fun and challenging environment.
  4. Be prepared and organized.
  5. Let players learn by doing.
  6. Let players learn from mistakes. (allow them!)
  7. Be specific and detail oriented in teaching moments. (demonstrate.)
  8. Emphasize decision making over outcomes.
  9. Be calm and composed so players can be calm and composed in execution.
  10. Provide regular constructive feedback, and be open and approachable.
  11. Share knowledge, and be eager to learn.


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Mission Statement

To provide the opportunity for children of all abilities living in and near Vienna to be involved in a high-quality soccer experience.